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Pest control treatment Sydney

What Happens After a Pest Control Treatment

After a representative from Juggernaut Pest Control in Sydney come to your home, apartment, office or commercial property, you can expect the following:

  • Post the treatment, the effects of the treatment will take up to 6 weeks for your pests to no longer be visible.
  • When we perform a pest control treatment the treatment creates an invisible barrier. Once a pest crosses over the barrier the treatment begins to work.
  • During this time you may notice pests walking slowly, which is a good sign
  • Over the 6 week period you may notice deceased pests around your home or property. This means you can continue life as normal, with confidence that you no longer have to see those unwanted pests in or around your Sydney home.

What Happens Exactly

A Breakdown By Pest


When cockroaches cross over the treatment barrier, the treatment begins to work. Cockroaches will start to walk slowly and you will notice them around your property. Cockroaches will also cross the treatment barrier and then retreat back to their nest where the treatment starts to take effect at the nest site too. You should notice cockroaches’ activity diminishes significantly across a 6 week period.


Some spiders like to retreat inside our homes and apartments during colder months as they like warmth. So it’s always beneficial to have a pest treatment during Spring to decreases spider activity inside your home, office or apartment during Summer months. Spiders will cross over the treatment barrier and the treatment will begin to take effect. You will notice spiders will retreat to their nests or be found deceased. Treatment can take up to 6 weeks. If after this time you find spider activity please contact us and we will be happy to provide assistance.

As we spray the treatment around window frames, and also on ceiling cornices, spider activity will be reduced by 90%.

If you have noticed a redback area in your garden, please alert us at the time of the pest control treatment and we will be sure to treat the affected area.



You may find ants up to 3 weeks after treatment. 

To help prevent ants from returning, it’s always best to clean surfaces of food, particularly sugary foods that may have been left on the counter.



Rodent baits which target mice and rats are effective in ceasing these pests from existing in and around your home. Once the rodent bait stations are placed in your garden or beneath your home, you may notice increased rodent activity. This is due to the rats and mice being attracted to the bait.


Once the treatment occurs it’s best to vacuum daily. Removing fleas from your home can take up to 4 weeks.

Vacuuming daily is essential in ensuring you are removing any pupae (flea eggs), as once they hatch your flea infestation will begin to become an issue again.

Pest control treatment Sydney




Our team of pest control specialists at Juggernaut Pest Control service all types of pests including, cockroaches, mice and rats, spiders, ants, bed bugs, fleas, moths and more.


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