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Residential Services 

Our Pest & Termite Treatments for residential homes includes treatment options to protect your home against spiders, rodents such as rats and mice, cockroaches, pantry moths, weevils, wasps, silverfish, termites and more.

Pest Treatment

Our pest control treatments include eco-friendly pest treatment solutions to ensure the safety of your family and pets are our top priority

Rodent Treatment

Our rodent bait boxes are designed to lure rodents in so they stay out of your house.

Cockroach Treatment

Cockroaches thrive on areas where small bits of food scraps have been dropped, they lurk in the shadows and are attracted to warm, humid and unhygenic conditions.

Termite Treatment

Humid, warm and moist areas are conducive conditions for termite activity. Homes with wooden floorboards make for an ideal termite nesting ground. Having a yearly termite inspection will prevent termite activity from occurring or becoming too extensive. Our termite treatment should be completed yearly if termites have been present in your home previously.

Pantry Moths

An infestation of pantry moths can cause damage but also cost you money to replace all the spoiled food. At the first sign of pantry moths give our team a call.


Commercial Pest Control

Office Buildings

We offer preventative and also responsive pest control solutions for office buildings. 


Service Areas

We service commercial properties all across Sydney including office buildings, units and commercial structures. 


Ask us about our discounted price which you can offer to your residents of apartment buildings.

Facts About Pests

The Numbers Don't Lie

Did you know?

65% of homes have cobweb producing spiders - but don't stress, we can help with that!

1 in 5 homes are affected by Termite Damage in Australia, that's 20% of all homes!

2000 people are bitten by Redback Spiders per year, that's only 0.01% of the total Australian population.


of homes have cobweb producing spiders



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The Juggernaut Pest Control headquarters are based in St Clair, Sydney, however we service the entire Sydney Metropolitan region, Penrith, the Norther Beaches, and the Central Coast as well as The South of Sydney near Wollongong.

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