Recognising and managing the signs of termite activity

What To Look Out For



Termites can cause structural and economic damage to homes and commercial buildings by eating the inside of the structure, leaving only a thin shell for protection from the outside environment.

They can also eat their way through furniture, paper products, fabrics, clothing, footwear and even non-cellulose materials like soft plastics, building sealants and rigid foam insulation.

We run through the signs of termite activity and also termite prevention methods that can assist in reducing your risk of termite activity. If you would like to understand more about the process of removing and termite treatment methods, you can find all that information in our Termite Treatment Management blog post.

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What Are Termites?

Only some Termites are destructive little creatures. Of the 300 species of termites in Australia, only a handful cause problems.

The most destructive of the few are Subterranean termites which are also called white ants. They feed off cellulose-containing materials like timber.

Termites with wings, called alates, can also be confused for moths. These termites fly out from the colony to look for new environments to reproduce and create new colonies. 

Reducing your termite risk

What Are prevention methods?

Fix Moisture Problems
  • Fix any moisture problems like poor drainage, leaking pipes or inadequate ventilation.
Remove Temptation Near Your Home
  • Check your home’s surroundings – shrubs or garden beds should be well clear of building edges and weep holes (the small gaps left between bricks to let water drain out).
  • Remove any wood that’s in contact with the ground and close to the house.
Ventilate Beneath Your Home
  • Keep areas under your house clear – don’t store items that can reduce the ventilation space under the house.

The Signs TO look for

How do you know you have termites?

Mud Shelter Tubes
  • Mud shelter tubes are what termites build for protection. These can sometimes be seen in brick foundations or architraves.
Squeaky Floorboards

Have your floorboards started to squeak, creak or make strange noises? Hollow-sounding timber is a sign of potential termite activity as it could mean they’ve eaten away at the timber.

Visual Changes to wood

Sagging doors or timber floors can be a sign of potential termite damage as they can hollow out a structure leaving only a very thing part of the structure.

Power Failures

Have you started noticing power points not working? Or, the electricity keeps tripping? Termites can be attracted to the warmth behind walls near power points. 

External Conditions 

What Factors Can affect termite activity?

Temperature and rain seem to have the largest impact on termite activity. The age of your house can also be a factor in possible termite destruction.

External Conditions 

What Factors Can affect termite activity?

Temperature and rain seem to have the largest impact on termite activity. The age of your house can also be a factor in possible termite destruction.



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